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Kutronix was founded in 1994 and has since grown into a leading manufacturer of computer input peripherals. Our line of products includes Data Input and image Input devices. The company manufactures and markets innovative, ergonomic, industrial, programmable, wireless, waterproof and foldable keyboards as well as touch-pads, mice, trackballs and document camera.

Kutronix is fast becoming the leading computer input OEM/ODM supplier for travel, presentations, kiosks, P.O.S., Industrial PC and workstation users.

Awarded Various Worldwide Patents:
• Keyboard Integrated with Touchpad and Tablet 
• Keyboard Integrated with Handwriting Retrieval Function
• Keyboard Integrated with USB Hub, Memory Card Reader & Fingerprint Encryption/ Decryption
• Illuminated Keyboard LED Lighting Method
• Wireless Keyboard Power-Saving LED Indicator
• Keyboard with Audio/Video Capture
• Waterproof Mouse Structure
• Waterproof Keyboard Structure
• Magnetic Detachable Keyboard with Case

Kutronix is committed to dedicating all of our efforts in providing cutting-edge Input Devices at the most competitive Prices, at the strictest standards of Quality, and at the highest levels of Service and Support.

Kutronix is active in developing new and innovative products. We use today’s most advanced technology from leaders such as Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Cirque Glidepoint Technology, ALPS, Cypress, Nordic, Upek, Adobe, and Evernote among others. We look towards tomorrow’s pioneering designs to ensure our position as a leading provider in the Input Devices industry.

As a partner of worldwide research and development companies, Kutronix is able to bring new products and direct the most efficient cost savings to the market and to our customers at present time.

Kutronix is confident in the quality of each product and provides a limited warranty and insurance for all our product lines. For additional company or product information, please visit our website at www.Kutronix.com or contact our sales team at Tel: +86-755-267-6229
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